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Factory assembled solar cable & MC4

  • Assembled solar cable
  • Assembled solar cable
Assembled solar cableAssembled solar cable

Assembled solar cable

  • Application: Connect solar panel and inverter
  • Jacket: XLPO, XLPO
  • Wire diameter : 2.5mm2, 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2.
  • Colour : Black and Red
  • Product description: solar cable, mc4, solar wire, pv cable

Application: Extension wire for solar panel - solar panel or solar panel - inverter

Connector : MC4 Male & Female .    Cable : PV cable

Type: Pre-assemblied in REOO factory. Insulation Material:    XLPO         Wire diameter : 2.5mm2 , 4mm2, 6mm2  Jacket: XLPO, XLPO Insulation: XLPO Conductor Material:  Copper, Tinned Copper

Color: Red, Black                                Certification: TUV /UL/ PSE/ EN50618        Packing: Carton box and pallet

Features of MC4 assebmledd solarcable:

1) Electron beam cross-linked materials do not melt or flow, even at high temperature, high resistance against heat, cold,abrasion, UV, ozone and hydrolyses.
2) These cables provide the means to interconnect between photovoltaic(PV) panels and from panels to the inverter.

3)They operate at DC voltage and provide long life in exposed conditions.

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